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                                                    " Throughout the living world, the creativity of life expresses itself through the process of emergence." 

                                              Fritjof Capra

           The Hidden Connections                                           


 Mindful Systems Thinking 

Respond. Adapt. Action.

We are in the era of emergence with nature as a disrupter and teacher.What emerges next is up to us. As individuals. As organizations. As societies.emergentz℠  helps individuals and organizations create and navigate their emergent future.

  • Emerging ideas and technologies into results.
  • Thought leadership into action.
  • Addressing critical truths. It could be the need for a new business model.  The turnaround of a company. A broken and dysfunctional system. Aligning the culture of the company with a new vision and purpose. Pandemic trauma.
  • Ecosystem development and management. The concept of a business ecosystem has become a PowerPoint cliche. Have you and your organization ever drilled down to identify and manage an intentional ecosystem for your organization?
  • Entrepreneur and leadership support. The journey of entrepreneurship and leadership is not a solo endeavor. An added value feature is the cohort's peer-to-peer leadership, which can be accessed as a board-like sounding board for participants.  It is designed to complement, not replace a board's role.

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Respond. Adapt. Action.


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